Illumens Orange Blossom & Rosemary - Bath Oil

  • £15.00

A truly luxurious 100ml bottle of bath oil fragranced with essential oils. The oil will mix with the bath water turning it slightly milky and filling the room with a delicious fragrance, which will be detectable on the skin long after the bath is over. To use in the shower simply massage a little oil into the skin, (avoiding your feet) and step under the warm water to wash away the oil and leave your skin soft and fragrant.

The development of Authentic Philosophy was based around a genuine desire to have a collection which was simple, beautiful, and used the highest quality natural ingredients.

Products that delivered results but quite literally didn't cost the Earth. This range offers not only Illumens' signature candles and diffusers, but also bath preparations that have all been developed using the finest natural ingredients and essential oils, presented in recyclable packaging and made here in the UK.