Nothing beats a good greeting card to let someone know you care. With our ranges you will find just the thing- from funny and irreverent to thoughtful and pretty, something for every occasion! We also have lovely gift bags and wrap for that special present and fun journals and notebooks.
Post-Pandemic Playbook Journal
Passive Aggressive Fan Fiction Journal
I Regret Nothing Journal
Foods Eaten Sights Seen Fears Conquered Journal
Meme Critiques Journal Notebook Medium
Dope Rhymes Journal Notebook Medium
DIY Therapy Journal Notebook Medium
Stray Thoughts Small Notebook Journal
Mostly Just Whining Notebook Journal
Psychiatric Evaluations of My Dog Notebook Journal
Drunken Escapades Notebook Journal
Lagom Design Medium Polka Dot Gift Bag
Lagom Design Large Polka Dot Gift Bag
Cai & Jo Trul Grateful Card
Cai & Jo Congratulations Card
Cai & Jo Thank You Endlessly Card
Cai & Jo You're A Goddess Card
Cai & Jo You Make The World A Better Place Card
Cai & Jo Thank You For Everything Card
Cai & Jo Panther Happy Birthday Card
Cai & Jo Happy Birthday Card
Cai & Jo Another Year Older & Wiser Card
The Creative Ramblings of a Restless Mind Journal
Thumbnail Sketches & Bad Math Journal Medium