Illumens Abbaye Salon D'Epices Candle in Glass

  • £29.00



Illumens candles have a well-deserved excellent reputation and we think they are the finest around. Generously imbued with fragrance oil - as high as the manufacturing process allows - Illumens candles really will fragrance your home and illuminate the darkest of corners. Candles have a burn time of around 40 fragrant hours.

This collection was inspired by a visit to a 12th Century Cistercian abbey in Picardy and by a lifelong love of the French countryside. The day was balmy, the abbey breathtaking and we ate a lunch scattered with the most beautiful edible flowers.

The delicate hand painted packaging, an illustration of ‘fumaria officinalis’ with tiny pen and ink insects is reminiscent of a Grand Tour sketchbook and was commissioned by us from a Suffolk artist. Some of the fragrances tell the history of the abbey, whilst others are just inspired by the visit to France all those years ago.

Think how wonderful the air in the spice room at the Abbaye de Valloires must have been, as the monks blended herbs, resins, wood powders and spices to create incense.

Warm notes of cinnamon and sandalwood mix with the softer fruity notes of cassis berries and vanilla pods to result in and aroma as soft as a whispered secret, and just as enchanting.