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Illumens Authentic Philosophy Sweetpea & Patchouli - Scented Candle- Eco

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The candles in this range are fragranced using essential oils and the finest perfume oils producing a wonderful aroma in the home. The wax is a soy and mineral blend which burns cleanly and evenly. Burn time is approximately 50 hours. All the packaging is recyclable and we would urge you to do this.


The development of Authentic Philosophy was based around a genuine desire to have a collection which was simple, beautiful, and used the highest quality natural ingredients. Products that delivered results but quite literally didn't cost the Earth. Each product is named after a well-respected philosopher from around the world.

Patchouli can be quite a harsh fragrance but not so here where the more gentle notes of sweet pea win through giving the aroma a delightful delicacy and roundness.